Beyond the latest technology,
We offer the following services.
  • Users rellabillity

    Users identities are validated by Karnet through phone nummber and company email address

  • Legality

    We ensure that transactions are on “cost sharing”basis and not for profit

  • Safety-Insurance

    All rides between the employees are automatically insured by Ping An Insurance Company

  • Subsidies management

    We manage the distribution of company’subsidies in a way that could be personalized

  • Reporting

    Customized reporting on employees ridesharing activities including estimates of social contributions

How does it work?
  • Employee verification by Company and Karnet
  • Ride matching between Company’s employees
  • Sponsored insurance covering employees’ rides
  • Completion of transaction after online payment between the ride partners
  • Both passengers and drivers receive Company sponsored incentives in the form of K-Points
  • K-Points can be used to offset purchase of goods or services available on Karnet’s online shop